5 Weirdest Fashions of 2018

2018 has been one heck of an year for the fashion industry around the world. The 90’s style was brought back to life, thanks to the shows like stranger things and boi, did it steal the show! But on the other hand, some trends made us feel like “2018”, are you okay? Down below are some of the weirdest trends 2018 has shown us:

Nail Piercings

After the ear piercing, nail piercing took over the world. Piercings have had a huge part of the tradition and fashion for the past centuries. Earrings, multiple earrings, belly button and eye brows piercings have all been accepted and loved by the fashion critics but guys! How do you eat with this?

Plastic Pants

Style icons like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian were seen wearing these plastic pants this year. Sure does look cool on the, but you can imagine how foggy they will get once you step out in the heat. Sure ain’t for us! Who ever thought that plastic will be recycled this way.

Fur Nails

Fur nails caused an uproar in the fashion industry worldwide but pet lovers, Halt! Let’s the fur stay on the pets only. Shall we? Even though we all love to play with the soft hair of our pets, this has been too weird to move around with. For us, at least.

Body Paint

This trend is not new to many but 2018 sure has ignited the fire. The illusion of clothes sure is amusing at first but as steamy as it sounds, can you imagine your date to come over wearing pain….? Gasp. On Facebook there were a lot of people who tried body painting and went out in public, where people could not guess it first that whether they are wearing actual clothes or is it just the BODY PAINT!!!! This is surely one of the weirdest fashion trend followed in 2018.

Alife Croc Sock Sombo

The trend that has topped our list is nothing else but your teenage nightmare. Yes! THE CROCS! Along with the SOCKS! Apparently, this well renowned brand made the world go crazy when they brought back the crocs and they actually made to the hit list!

These fashion trends have sure given us and many other critics some tea but hey! If you love any of these, you sure should rock these! After all, the only thing that weirdness demands, is courage, eh?

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