90’s Fashion is Back in Trend with a Boom

History repeats itself, but ever seen any old era fashion repeating itself?  YES!!! That is 90’s fashion which is making a big comeback into 2018, and we will be seeing more influence of 90’s fashion not only in our clothes but into makeup as well.  It was a better year not only fashion wise but everything was great; whether it be the Friends TV show or the Movie Titanic.

90’s was all about winged eyeliners, short bobs, red lips, baggy jeans leather jeans and what not. All these trends are back in fashion and everyone is going gaga over these trends.  Now let’s dig a bit into some of the trends that are making a comeback in this year and the year coming ahead:

Winged eyeliner:

A winged eyeliner or cat eye was the most classic beauty trend of 90’s. As suggested by the sources that Cleopatra used to wear it more often. After this the trend made its way into the Hollywood into 50’s where Anna Karina, Sophia Lauren and Elizabeth Taylor was seen embracing this trend like a pro.

In the current year, we see that Hollywood models or actors have taken this trend to the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival.  We believe that this trend is here to stay!!


Dungarees were one of the coolest piece of cloth that was worn not only by the ladies of 90’S but also the men were seeing embracing this trend but obviously in a slight different manner.

Now Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna are seeing wearing this classy piece of cloth in their music videos. It is a dress that has no boundaries and it can be worn both casually and formally as well. But it surely has its roots coming from 90’s.

Short Bobs and Round glasses:

Believe it or not but the most stylish eye wears were from 90’s. We saw different variety of sunglasses back then , where it was considered as one of the essential  accessory to be included in their daily life. Round glasses were the most worn and it has now made its way into the present era.

Short Bobs actually originated back in early 90’s where this trend actually swept across the entire fashion industry. The ladies belonging to different avenues were also seen adopting this trend. The bobs are back in town but with an interesting twist.

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