Apple’ Eake on Strong Encryption

Apple encryption

Apple gave a counter argument about the statement that “strong encryption may come in the way of well-meaning investigation of criminal activities.” Apple stressed that stronger encryption is the best way to help protect against threats of cyber attacks and terrorism and weaker encryption won’t help in such a situation.

Apple, in a letter to the Australian government, asserted that encryption was a benefit and meant for public good and this was reported by The Verge on Friday.

Apple specifically responded to a bill that had been designed for five government devices for ease of access and to get the data of criminals during investigations. Apple said that it takes technology’s role to help protect the national security and citizens’ lives very seriously.

Apple, while responding to the Australian Parliament’s Assistance and Access Bill said- “Every day, over a trillion transactions safely happen over the internet and this is a result of the encrypted communications. Criminals and terrorists who try to infiltrate the systems and disrupt the sensitive networks might start their attacks by gaining access to just one person’s smartphone. At this point in time and seeing the threats, this is not the time to weaken encryption.

Verge reported- Apple didn’t straightaway condemn the bill but attempted to suggest the case that “the draft legislation remains dangerously ambiguous with respect to encryption and security.”

Apple and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had a showdown in 2016 because an assailant in the San Bernardino terror attack owned an iPhone and Apple refused to assist and help in unlocking the phone. Consequently, the FBI had to seek the help of third-party applications for the same.

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