Australia’s First Drone Delivery to Start in 2019

Google Wing drone

Australia is all set to be known as “the most advanced country in the world” in drone delivery and this will happen when the first commercial service starts operations will commence in 2019.

On Thursday, Wing, which is a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, announced that its commercial drone home-delivery service will be launched in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) next year,i.e 2019 and this was reported by Xinhua news agency.

The drones will have the ability to travel at speeds of up to 125 km per hour and will have the responsibility of delivering small packages, which include cups of coffee, to homes which are in 5 km vicinity of the company’s base which is in Mitchell in the northern suburbs of Canberra.

The CEO of Wing, James Ryan Burgess, said that the 12-rotor drones have been designed to ensure safety, and weigh 4.5 kg each and will have the ability to carry packages weighing up to 1.5 kg. On-the-ground, the operators will supervise multiple flights of these drones at a time when they fly to their destination automatically.

Burgess added thus- “We have high levels of automation and so the aircraft themselves are doing a lot of the determining of what is safe, and making sure that they are monitoring themselves to be healthy. If there are any anomalies or any problems, the aircraft actually take action themselves before even a human could react and are able to execute safe contingency actions. That’s one of the reasons why we’re able to perform such quick service and get people (their) packages within just a few minutes… The system can take off right away when the customer places an order.”

In addition to this, a supervisor can also take control of a drone if needed. About 30 businesses were expected to take part in the first trial of these drones.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has been working with Wing since 2014 in order to ensure safety and they will use the results of this trial to guide future drone regulations.

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