Elon Musk States that Test Tunnel will Open on Dec 10

Test Tunnel

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk’ tweets have been the talk of the town. SpaceX, which indulges in pathbreaking, tech-oriented applications is a company run by Musk himself. Recently, Musk tweeted thus- “The Boring Company will unveil a stretch of a rapid-transit tunnel under Los Angeles to the public on Dec. 10.

The Boring company said that their Hawthorne tunnel stretches from SpaceX property in the north to 120th Street, and further towards west under 120th for up to two miles.

The Loop system is different in comparison to other Hyperloop projects. In the Loop system, Boring envisions that air is sucked from the tunnels, which would enable pods to exceed 600 miles an hour.

Hyperloop tech is touted by Virgin Hyperloop One, the board chairman Richard Branson, and by the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (Hyperloop TT).

Hyperloop One has visions of using tubes above and below the ground to build a Kansas City-to-St. Louis route with the help of magnetic levitation to support vehicles in a tube.

Hyperloop TT has been working on a prototype, which was recently unveiled that is a 40-passenger capacity pod in Spain.

Tesla previously termed a “test tunnel” in the southern suburb of Hawthorne, between downtown LA and Torrance, that demonstrated the company’s “Loop” system. It has definitely caught everybody’ attention due to the system’s tunnels speed of up to 150 miles per hour.

These tunnels travel on an electric-powered platform which is known as a “skate.” The device constitutes a vehicle carrying itself along with 8 and 16 passengers or carrying a car which has been driven onto it.

Skates can be moved with the help of elevators between the surface and the tunnel system. When the entire system is completed it will employ a series of tunnels, which will be layered and will move in various directions, along with shorter segments that will serve as subterranean off-ramps. A company video was released, which showed elevator shafts running up to streetside locations, or into homes’ garages or basements of office buildings.

Musk’ tweets provided more information regarding the “Loop” tunnel segment’s opening. Musk stated thus in a series of tweets- “The first tunnel is almost done. Opens Dec 10. The opening event that night & free rides for the public the next day.”


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