Facebook Working on New Lasso App to Take on Musical.ly, Tik Tok

Facebook Lasso

If reports are to be believed, social media giant Facebook is busy working on a new standalone application that is looking forward to giving direct competition to Tik Tok/Musical.ly. This standalone app will be known as “Lasso“, and a team of dedicated individuals is working behind this application for it to see the light of the day. Lasso will have features similar to that of Tik Tok, and will largely focus on providing an application-version for Lip Sync Live Feature, that was launched in June this year.

TechCrunch reported that Facebook has been working on a standalone product which will have the ability to record and share videos of users who would lip sync and dancing to songs. The report stated that the application will be developed by members of the video and Watch team, which will be led by Brady Voss, who is Facebook’s Principal Lead Product Designer.

This application will give direct competition to Musical.ly, which was recently acquired by Tik Tok. One of the people familiar with this situation said- “It is basically TikTok/Musically with full-screen, built for teens, fun and funny and focused on creativity and creation. A lot of what they are doing is just trying to be cool.

The report further stated that Facebook, since 2016, has been eager to build an application that would give Musical.ly direct competition. For this purpose, Facebook made an investigating team which looked into the popularity of the lip-syncing app. Facebook came to the conclusion that Musical.ly is not as popular as it claims to be and started working at an easy pace. Earlier in 2018, Facebook released a lip sync live feature within its native application Facebook which would allow users to select hit songs and share them on their live streams. As the music would play, the tuning in by users would be notified to friends, to join them to sing, dance, or do whatever else the music inspires them to do.

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