Facebook’s Attempt to Ward off Fake News

Fake News

Facebook, in an attempt to fight off spreading fake news, has added new features to the same.

Facebook has fact-checking programs and other features to fight against fake news but scrolling through the News Feed resulted in spotting a new feature which we think might come handy to weed out unreliable sources of news.

After the new feature has been added, when a user shares a link on Facebook, they will see a new round ‘information’ icon appear next to the title of the story on the right-hand side. Upon hovering, the icon expands and tells that you can learn more ‘About this website,’ along with a text suggesting the user click on the icon to see ‘more information about this link.’

Upon clicking the ‘i’ icon, a pop-up window appears which notifies the user about the reliability and authenticity of the organization that has posted the link. In addition to this, Facebook also tells the user how long back the said domain was registered by pulling data from ICANN’s WHOIS domain information tool.

The pop-up window also shows additional links which have been posted to Facebook by this organization, it could be a media outlet or something else. This is one of the latest attempts on behalf of the social media giant to bring about awareness to its massive 2 billion user base about the authenticity of the content being consumed by them, about whether the sources are reliable or not.

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