Fortnite Wents on Adding the Snowball Launcher Marking the 14 days Festive Season

Epic games Fortnite

The elated plot twist has happened in the Fortnite game as the 14 days of the festive event has started in the game. Grenade launchers found a backlog as the newbie snowball launcher takes up this 14 days of Fortnite event. It is actively carved in the Battle Royale and Saves the World modes of the game. Gamers get this cutting edge of using the Snowball weapon in the game to acquire more immunity and benefits to stay longer. A festival theme is also launched to the battle bus where the players summon the paradrop before starting the game.

A player count of the Fortnite was revealed having around the player base of 16.3 million prior to the announcement of the Fortnite event this year. The new Fortnite event comes intact with the new challenge and exciting rewards that could be availed from the free set of tools. It has also featured a holiday attire for those who discern to embrace festive look inside the game. With the completion of each holiday theme quest per day, there is a chance for the winner to win snowflake tickets that leads to competing ahead in the game with other players.

The game store will comprise free components throughout the 14 days festive season wherein the players can get them, namely Llama pinata and Smorgasbord Llama. However, analysis went on declaring the best version to date as the ‘Giant Disco Ball.’ The transition is uploaded in the format of a podcast, and one can listen to it on Apple podcasts or RSS.


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