Google Dark Mode Extends Battery Life on Android Devices

Google Dark Mode

Google has finally given its nod on the fact that dark mode on Android phones which has OLED panels uses less power and saves battery life. Google revealed more information regarding how the smartphone spends its battery life. This was revealed during this week’s Android Dev Summit, where Google addressed and spoke to developers about what can be done on smartphones and their apps so that they consume lesser amounts of battery life.

On Thursday, Slash Gear said- “But this isn’t just about that. This is about the biggest factor in battery consumption: screen brightness! And not only that but screen color, too, because Dark mode essentially changes the overall color theme of an operating system (OS) or applications to the color black.

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During the Summit, Google discussed how dark mode can use 43 percent less power at full brightness in comparison to “normal mode” in the YouTube app which traditionally uses a lot of white.

The tech giant also acknowledged its mistake where it encouraged app developers to use the color white for their applications instead of dark, and this included its own apps.


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