Google to Start Showing Warning Alerts on Chrome 71 for Unclear Billing Websites

Google Chrome 71

Google is seriously focusing on improving the end user experience for Chrome users, and as a part of the effort, it also plans to block abusive ads on pages starting with Chrome 71. Google has announced that it would start to warn users of sites which offer insufficient mobile subscription information that may lead to unknown charges as well. With Chrome 71, Google aims to give a warning before these pages, so that users can be well-informed about the sites and can make better decisions when signing up for mobile-based subscription services.

Various websites over the internet bill users unexpectedly, without providing warnings or information regarding the subscriptions which are added without users’ knowledge.

As an example, consider a gaming website which asks users for their phone details, and charges users with subscription charges with the next phone bill. The user wouldn’t have intended to subscribe to the game as well. Users are not given proper information regarding the pricing strategy of the service and the details provided are not sufficient to the user to gain clarity about it.

Google has taken the initiative to help the users and provide the proper information and warning regarding such sites. This warning will behave as a guide to users who are unaware and will also provide users with a choice of whether to proceed to the page or go back. Google explained in its blog thus- “We want to make sure Chrome users understand when they are going through a billing flow and trust that they’ll be able to make informed decisions while browsing the web. To adequately inform users, it’s important to provide a sufficient level of details within the billing page as outlined by our new mobile billing charges best practices.

Google informed website developers that the billing information should be fully visible and trivial to the users, and the user must be fully aware of the cost which they would have to pay when they subscribe to the services. The fee structure should be clear, simple and understandable.

Google will start to show these warnings with Chrome 71 and is expected to roll out in the month of December. The warning will be shown to users who enter unclear billing pages, and the developer will also be notified about the same through the Search Console. These websites will then have to make relevant changes so as to remove the warnings.

Google added that the new warning in Chrome will not affect the website’s ranking in Google Search. Chrome 71 will also block abusive ads on pages starting with Chrome 71.

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