Hotstar and Hooq Collaborate for Hollywood Content

Spiderman hotstar hooq

The online giant Hotstar and Hooq, an on-demand video streaming have service have partnered and announced a collaboration, officially, which will bring Hotstar’s Hollywood content to Hooq’s platform. This includes 6,000 hours of TV shows, movies, and originals. Gadgets 360 reported this deal last week and noted that the 16 series that were until now available on Hooq will be streamed on Hotstar as well. This announcement leads to films such as Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Hooq Originals such as The Oath to be watchable on Hotstar.

In their official announcement, Hooq mentioned about its likes of Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, and Pulp Fiction which are a few shows that will be added to Hotstar. Hotstar and Hooq haven’t given any clarification on this yet. It is also important to note that series like Wonder Woman and the Harry Potter are already streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

As a result of this deal, Hotstar has added to its stable of licensed US content other features such as HBO, Showtime, Fox, and Disney, in addition, to select entries from Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures. After last week’s report, Hooq series slate on Hotstar has gone up by 20 already. The content on Hooq will be available only on Hotstar’s subscription-based offering- Hotstar Premium.

Hotstar CEO Ajit Mohan, during an official statement, said “Hotstar Premium’s English catalog is different and not comparable to anything you will find on other platforms in the world. It is an aggregation of content from across studios and content producers, at a single destination. This partnership with HOOQ, along with its portfolio of curated blockbuster Hollywood content, brings in everything for an English content fan, there is nowhere else to go.

Hooq CEO Peter Bithos added- “We are extremely pleased to announce this collaboration with Hotstar which combines their reach with our offering as the ‘Home for Hollywood’ in India. The need for Hollywood content in India is growing at a furious pace, and we are poised to offer the Indian customers an easily accessible and an affordable way to watch the best of Hollywood. This partnership with Hotstar underscores our commitment to satisfy the Indian market’s want for on-demand content.”

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