Latest version of Google App has a Location Notification bug


Google app recently brought about a new update and this has brought along a weird bug which is related to location notification. After Google application has been updated to version, the phones are constantly showing a notification that the location is being accessed in the launcher. This issue has reportedly affected many launchers and rolling back to the previous version is the only temporary fix available for now. In addition to this, the latest beta user has also reported the same issue. This indicates that Google is probably unaware of the issue, or maybe hasn’t bee able to figure out a solution to this bug yet.

After the Google app has been updated, several Android users have taken to Reddit and complained about the bug. This but seems to have affected most of the launchers present in the market. The publication ran tests on various launchers, and all of them produced a location icon in the status bar when the home button was tapped upon. The issue has been tested on the Nokia 7.1, OnePlus 6T which is priced at Rs. 37,999, and the Pixel 3 which has been priced at Rs. 71,000. After this, the issue was found on all these phones. Users on the Pixel Launcher, stock Android One home screen, Nova, and Rootless Pixel Launcher have been affected. Devices which have Android system notifications enabled also saw an alert which indicated that Play Services was using user’ location.

For now, the workaround has been to roll back to the previous version and patiently wait for Google to roll out a fix for it prior to updating to the latest version. The beta version too has the same issue, which needs to be fixed. Some users even suggested turning off location access to Google application until a fix is rolled out.

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