Microsoft clears Fixed Bugs in Windows 10 October ’18 update, Rollout Restarts


On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that it has identified and fixed all the known issues present in the Windows 10 operating system for the October 2018 update and the re-release of the key update has begun.

The story goes back to this- some users complained that installing the Windows 10 October update wiped off their data. As a result of this, last week, Microsoft halted the availability of the update (version 1809).

John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing, and Delivery said- “We have fully investigated all the reports of data loss and identified and fixed all the known issues which were present in the update, and conducted internal validation as well. Just two days before the updated version was rolled out, it was paused. The reports of actual data loss are very few in number, but any data lost is a serious concern(one one-hundredth percenter cent of version 1809 installs)“.

He added that Microsoft Support and retail stores customer service personnel would be available at no charge to help customers retrieve lost data.

Cable added- “We will carefully study the results, feedback, and diagnostic data from our Insiders before taking any additional steps towards re-releasing the updated version in a better way. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of any file recovery work, if users  have manually checked for the updates and still believe that there is an issue with the missing files, make sure to minimize usage of the affected device and contact us directly.” Also rendered an apology for the same statement “for any impact these issues may have had on any of our customers.”


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