Scalable Electric Platform MEB can Charge any Vehicle


Volkeswagen endeavored a lot to roll out the flagship electric cars in autos industry and surely it is a significant contribution for partner industries or competitors after its decision makers announced to go for green cars. MEB, Modular Electric Drive Matrix, is electric charging platform that has perked up the ears of other autos magnates. Prototype platform is flexible, scalable and designed only for electric cars.

Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen board member, revealed with pleasure that VW has planned to manufacture 150,000 electric cards till end of 2020 and 100,000 will be Sport Utility Vehicle among total manufactured cars. Transformation to electric mobility in autos industry around the globe will make exponential input for green environment.

MEB is exemplary chassis platform that is based on first principles and customized as per electric vehicle structure. MEB has been manufactured with solid material that is attached with four wheels. Batteries can be adjusted in the center and lower part of car and all this is beholden to design of MEB. Standout platform is designed in such a way that its size may be changed according to space covered by batteries placed in middle of car. You can change the size of platform up and down as well in accordance with the size of batteries.

Aluminum made MEB platform is no doubt a prototype battery container and batteries of MEB will also be manufactured by engineers of Volkswagen. Moreover, plants will have capacity to manufacture scalable batteries as per requirement of MEB container size. However, there is very little ratio of such requirement because current design of MEB is solely designed to welcome any size of battery due to its scalability feature.

Here is a good release that MEB platform will charge the vehicle that would be able to cover more than 250 kilometers after full charging of batteries. Management of Volkswagen promised to expand the charging stations after growth in e-cars sales. Owners of cars will have enough sources to keep the vehicle charging because charging box will be available at vehicle owner’s home that will charge the car up to 50% and remaining charging can be made across major shopping malls and highways stations. Moreover, VW management will surely shake hands with third parties to provide satisfactory services in this regard.


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