Study: Earth’s Water Inception From Gas and Asteroid Material


According to a new research which provides insights about the development of other planets and their potential to support life, Earth’s global ocean water might have its origin from both asteroidal material as well as gas left over from the formation of the Sun.

Researchers said that since comets contain lots of ices, they might have supplied some water. Asteroids are not water-rich yet but could be a source.

Peter Buseck, Professor at the Arizona State University said- “But there’s another way to think about sources of water in the solar system’s formative days. Because water is hydrogen plus oxygen, and oxygen is abundant, any source of hydrogen could have served as the origin of Earth’s water.

This study challenged the widely-accepted ideas about hydrogen in Earth’s water and suggested that the element partially comes from clouds of dust and gas which are remnants of the Sun’s formation, which is known as the solar nebula. If there is abundant hydrogen in the nebula, it could be combined with Earth’s rocky material and this could be the ultimate origin of Earth’s global ocean.

the lead author Jun Wu, who is an assistant research professor at the varsity said- “The solar nebula has been given the least attention among existing theories, although it was the predominant reservoir of hydrogen in our early solar system.”

These new findings fit well into current theories of the formation of the Sun and the planets. It has also implied the habitable planets beyond the solar system.


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