Tesla comes with a New, Affordable Model 3


Considering Tesla as just another regular car company would be an understatement. Tesla, headed by Elon Musk, has treated productions of cars in the most innovative way possible, providing regular software updates and adding more features frequently. In addition to all this, Elon Musk, in his tweets and posts updates the public about extravagant claims which are usually true.

Musk recently took to Twitter to announce Tesla’s new product- a mid-range Model-3 car, which is less expensive. This tweet caught everyone’s attention because being Tesla releasing an affordable car can be considered as an extravagant claim itself. It looks like a great move on the company’s side since it is currently struggling to become profitable.

More about the Model-3

It3comes with a range of 260 miles in one charge, which is less in comparison to the more expensive models of Model-3 which come with a range of 310 miles. The affordable Model-3 is priced at $45,000 which is $4,000 lesser than Tesla’s lowest priced car the Model 3 until now which is $49,000. Wired noted in one of its articles that the new Model 3 is what the iPhone XR is to Apple.

By adding a much affordable new Model-3 in the line-up, Tesla has changed the structure in which Model-3 variants have been priced since its inception. The rear-wheel drive is available only with the new mid-range model, in comparison to the long-range models which will come equipped with dual motor all-wheel-drive.

Source IANS


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