Twitter makes a plan to overcome the deepfake videos


Twitter is currently working on a new plan to handle the deepfake videos on its platform that will identify the content which could terrorize someone’s physical wellbeing or lead to offline damage. This micro-blogging platform has requested its users that how easily manipulated and synthetic videos can be identified.

Deepfake are the videos that make persons seem to be saying things they have never spoken or did. The famous fake videos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and US house speaker Nancy Pelosi went viral in recent times. 

On Monday, Twitter explains that we are constantly updating our policy is based on how online behaviors change. Twitter also said that we are working on a new plant to identify the manipulated and synthetic media on the Twitter platform, but we first want to hear it from you.

We have to consider the synthetic media is distributed on Twitter in the probably damaging contexts, they further said. We want to consider and pay attention to your perspectives in our rule enlargement process and we want to be see-through about our approaches and values, posted by Twitter on its platform.

In the deepfake videos, you find real people doing and saying imaginary things have important insinuations for deciding the authority of the information obtainable online. This can be interesting news for which the uses of Twitter are waiting for and wanted to disburse this as soon as possible. 

In the upcoming weeks, Twitter will broadcast comment periods so that users can help it purify this rule before it goes reside.

Vijaya Gadde who is the legal, public policy & trust and safety lead at Twitter said that the company is going to make roll changes around the manipulated videos at an event in California on Monday.


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