Yahoo Rolls Out Smashing Chat App “Yahoo Together”


Here is a viral release of this week in technology forums that Suirrel Group Messaging App has been replaced by Yahoo Together. Android users have bunch of group chat apps but the features in Yahoo Together were always aspired by android geeks. Yahoo took a challenge to drum the beats among chat communication apps by rolling out worthwhile and momentous group chat app with unmatched features. Avid chatterboxes need multiple ways in chat, they want open chat in groups, private chat with friends, family members or peers so considering this seriously Yahoo promised to get flagship by launching multi-facilities of chat in single app.

On the other end of spectrum, user of app can initiate chats based on topic and other users can be invited to join discussion about topic. After installing Yahoo Together, you can create group, select the name of group, adding photo to make identity of group and next step lets you add friends by sending them invitation. Invitation to users of Yahoo Together can be made by sending them a code or link. Moreover, private chats can also be initiated within groups.

Likewise Slack and WhatsApp, you can send images, documents, videos and whatever you want, this feature seems to knock out the Slack and WhatsApp in near future because Yahoo is going to attract android and iPhone users towards fascinating facilities in this app that have been developed truly for teens and enterprises users. It is no doubt a release that will surely perk up the ears of Slack because slack users will move to new chat platform of Yahoo.

Some outstanding features of app include invitation to non users of this chat by via code, ‘Smart Reminder’, mute switch and invitation to private room. Smart Reminder facility is more than a feather in cap in Yahoo Together, it lets users send reminder to any other party of chat at specific time in future. Competitors of Slack rolled out this feature with aim to capture the market of communication apps around the globe. Busy routines of students, employees and business communities keep them lagging from making important communication so ‘Smart Reminder’ feature will absolutely make them to complete their future tasks successfully.

On the other end of spectrum, Mute Switch lets the users to keep away from conversation/chat not of their interest. Yahoo Together keeps the user engaged at single platform for multiple chats of multiple topics. Whether you are to participate in business discussions or you need gossips with your family members then you are not to switch to different modes. Chat with all at single app and save your time to make productive contributions.

Android users are just to type Yahoo Together in Play Store and top app in search result is desired one or go through IPhone junkies can install it at


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